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Mitchell Fleischer DC in Reno, NV provides quality care to patients with the expertise learned through 19 years of practice utilizing multiple chiropractic techniques. Healing from injuries and restoring function utilizing Manual Spinal Adjustment Techniques and subtle chiropractic techniques as Activator Method and SOT to fine tune and adjust the spine as well. Mitchell Fleischer DC is the owner and chiropractor who became a chiropractor after being in a bad car crash and experiencing headaches for 2 years before a chiropractor eliminated them.

Chiropractic Treatment works for Car Crash Injuries, Neck Pain, Headaches, Low-Back Pain, Shoulder, and Knee pain utilizing manual adjusting techniques and light force to help the body move properly and heal quickly from injuries. Manual Chiropractic Adjustments can benefit your body and reduce pain immediately and Light Force Techniques utilizing Activator Methods are more comfortable and treat the body from head to foot and heal the body as a whole. Dr. Fleischer connects with patients who have been in car crashes since he has been in a few himself. Dr. Fleischer has worked with many athletes to help heal injuries as well as educate an athlete how to be more efficient in their sport. We work with runners, swimmers, cyclists, martial artists, and weekend warriors. You'll experience a functional evaluation of the movement in your body and be given an approach to heal your body, fix your body, make it more efficient, and give your body more energy.

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