What's a Technique?

There are over 200 chiropractic techniques. I have lost count since they have become obscure. I break them out to structural techniques, reflex techniques, tonal techniques and upper cervical techniques.


Well structural techniques are the poppin-crackin techniques and are what most people have heard of when there is a reference to chiropractic. Examples are: Diversified and Gonstead. Good stuff. Helps to reset joint movement. If every joint is moving properly, life is good.

Sometimes structural techniques are too much for some people. Adjustments can be made without popping and cracking. I use a reflexive technique called Activator Methods. Check out www.activator.com if you would like more info. Plug plug. This reflexive technique uses a measurement of leg length with different head, arm and leg positions to evaluate where adjustments are made. Adjustments are made with the activator instrument which puts a impulse of force into a small area of the joint to correct the misalignment and function of that joint.

Tonal techniques are amazing as well. Tonal means tone or tension of the body. Tonal techniques use the movement of the spine during the breathing process as well as the movement of the sacrum or tailbone to evaluate alignment and direction of force input.

The most complex techniques are the upper cervical techniques, ie. NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal, and Atlas Specific. They typically only adjust the top bone of the spine, aka atlas or C1. X-rays are usually taken to evaluate the position of the atlas with respect to the head and the rest of the spine. Adjustments are determined mathematically by measurements of the positions of each with respect to each other. Adjustments are administered by hand with light force or with an instrument that taps on the atlas.

This is only a few designations of techniques, but the most common and with brief explanations, so if you feel a gravitation to one technique or method, investigate and research. If in doubt always use the most experienced.

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