It's the Fiddler


"An old advocate of golf, the late Harvey Pennick, once said, 'It's not the fiddle, it's the fiddler,'" To put it another way, sports enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars for the best equipment and read or learn about how to improve form and function in there sport. The problem is there is rampant neglect of the most important piece of equipment, the human body. There is a missing link that more athletes are becoming aware of, body function is closely related to body symmetry and incremental movement of each joint in the body.

If the symmetry of the body is altered or the joints in the body are not moving like they are supposed to, you are more prone to injuries and joint damage. An analogy would be the alignment of your car's tires that when misaligned will wear out quickly. In the body, muscle usage is supposed to be as symmetric as possible and both sides of the body must do their share of the work. If there is a difference in strength of one side of the back compared to the other or one arm/one leg compared to the other, you are setting yourself up for injury on the most used side. Somebody is not doing their share of the work! So, how can we correct this situation? Through chiropractic adjustments, stretching and specific types of strength training you can get your body back to symmetry and on the top of form and function. Remember, look to your most important piece of equipment , the fiddler, to make the most improvement in your sport. 

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